Easy and convenient Phone Dock


The Amarok has those Multi-attachment bracket holders either side of the console… and I knew I cold use them for something useful 😉

I bought the picture frame attachment (part#: 000 061 129 A @ R127.28 incl) from you nearest dealer… remove the plastic cover. (Before I purchased the picture holder attachment, I used the plug that the Amarok ships with… but all the attachments twist-lock into place, while the plug just presses in and thus comes loose easily)


Then I found a magnetic phone mounting kit at Dad’s Toys, that has a plastic covered magnet with double sided tape on the one side (that you can stick to the dash or anything else), and an adhesive round (thin) metal disc, that you stick to your phone (or your phone cover). Cost is R59.95

Dashdock1 DashDock2

I was surprised at how well it worked – phone is in a convenient location, and did sub 1000km on dirt roads 2 weeks ago and held fine – Naturally if you hit a big enough washout it will probably come loose… but works great all round!