VW Barons N1 City, installed a MDI iPod kit into my Amarok…

Dear goodness gracious, please tell me this is NOT how it’s supposed to be done…!!!

They installed it into my center console – making space to get the cable through by cutting a piece out of the LED holder… unfortunately this is not a very soft cable and as soon as you pick it up, the LED alls out… &$%*# ..really… please show me the VW installation instructions for this procedure…





in case you’re wondering – it is the ambient red LED that is hanging out there… it falls out every time you pick up the iPod or move the cable…

Besides being a butchered installation, the idea behind a MDI iPod kit is so you can leave the iPod connected… ALWAYS… which is why they are normally fitted into the glovebox or in the armrest cubby… why…? ¬†how long do you think it will remain my property if I leave it there while the vehicle is parked…

So now I have to unplug the iPod EVERYTIME I park the vehicle… plus I loose valuable space in the center console, plus the card cable rattles in the plastic console like you wouldn’t believe… plus a butchered installation…

I also did a quick VCDS Scan… and found the following:

Address 2E: Media Player 3 (J650) Labels: 5N0-035-342.lbl
       Part No SW: 5N0 035 342 E HW: 5N0 035 342 E
       Component: SG EXT.PLAYER H13 0240 
       Revision: A1001003 Serial number: 7662491568 
       Coding: 010000
       Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
       VCID: 295F4561400E5D50562

1 Fault Found:
03138 - Input AUX IN 
            009 - Open or Short to Ground
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 01101001
                    Fault Priority: 4
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 132
                    Mileage: 4503 km
                    Time Indication: 0
                    Date: 2004.14.03
                    Time: 15:21:30

Now that’s top service….

Maybe it’s just me, but I would have expected it either here:


or here: