Electrical Interface

Also known as the “Electrical Interface for external use” in VW marketing speak…

So I ordered my Amarok with one.. and no one could tell me where it is… eventually I got these images from VWSA – still not sure whether it is correct. Keep in mind that this is on a left hand drive… and that the connectors we are looking for are between the steering wheel and the center console.. (see some of the pictures I took below)


Here are some pictures, firstly of the location. Pretty much between the steering and center console, and wrapped to the thick main wiring loom with some insulation tape..



With a little luck you can make out the part numbers, but on the connectors they are:

  • Magenta (Plug 1) : 1J0 937 743
  • Yellow (Plug 2) :     1J0 937 743
  • Grey (Plug 3) :        1J0 937 741


Here you can see the pinouts of each… to purchase the correct mating connector, have a look at the tables below for the Part# of the “Mating plug contact”.