Coding: Comfort Electronics

Some info on the coding of the Comfort Electronics (#09) of the Amarok:
24 00 02 38 0C 61 04 00 92 38 08 10 64 4B 84 C5 00 80 41 0F 60 84 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 03
(Above is the original Coding – I’ve changed the ones in blue)

Byte 0: was 24, now 3C – I activated Auto-Unlock and Auto-Locking above 15km/h09-0_Comfort Electronics

I tried this one but as expected, it didn’t make a difference…09-1_Comfort Electronics

09-2_Comfort Electronics

09-3_Comfort Electronics

09-4_Comfort Electronics

Byte 5: Was 61, now 63, switching on Bit1 (Horn beep when locking)09-5_Comfort Electronics

09-6_Comfort Electronics

09-7_Comfort Electronics

09-8_Comfort Electronics

09-9_Comfort Electronics

09-10_Comfort Electronics

09-11_Comfort Electronics

Byte 12: was 64, now 7C. Activated Bit3 (Emergency Flashing Turn signals) and Bit4 (Emergency Brake Light Flashing)09-12_Comfort Electronics

09-13_Comfort Electronics

09-14_Comfort Electronics

09-15_Comfort Electronics

09-16_Comfort Electronics

09-17_Comfort Electronics

09-18_Comfort Electronics

09-19_Comfort Electronics

09-20_Comfort Electronics

09-21_Comfort Electronics


Note:┬áBit2 of Byte 21, “Cornering/Turn Lights via Turn Signal active” does not seem to have an effect… My cornering lights do not come one when I use the indicators… (if fog light is off and main lights are on, fog light will come on, on the side corresponding to the turn of the steering wheel.. i.e. turn steering wheel to left, then left fog light is switched on)

09-22_Comfort Electronics

09-23_Comfort Electronics

09-24_Comfort Electronics

09-25_Comfort Electronics

09-26_Comfort Electronics

09-27_Comfort Electronics

09-28_Comfort Electronics

09-29_Comfort Electronics