The missing Aux-In

The Spec page on the Amarok Auto says that it has a “Aux In” as standard.


When I asked AmarokSA where this was, this was their feedback:


But I definitely don’t have an Aux In there… here is what mine has…


and zooming in on what you see… seems to be a RED LED… which is for ambient lighting in the dark… 😉



Subsequently on 26 March 2013, one of the guys on the 4x4community forum posted that his brother-in-law had just received his Amarok Auto, and his does have the Aux-In now…


It’s a pity we don’t have the option to order it with a RNS-510 or a RCD510 radio… I would have preferred that…

But, moving on from here, I think I will look at the iPod option – makes more sense to me and probably more practical too..

Update: 12 April 2013 – After prompting VWSA, I got a phone call, and I asked them to put it in writing. During her call the lady mentioned that my Amarok does not have an Aux-In (which naturally I’ve realized by now… and on What now?, she replied that their website stated : ‘All product features, specifications and options are subject to change without notice.’

Nice one VWSA… you know how to make a customer feel appreciated…

Here is VWSA’s official reply:


Update Wednesday 24 April 2013 : VWSA replied positively to my request to install the MediaKit into my Amarok at no cost. I am very pleased with that. The admin will take a couple of weeks…