MTB suspension

Sunday 6 August 2017

So I got a ShockWiz to fine tune my MTB suspension…
First up is the Merida with its :

Fork: Rock Shox SID RL Air 15 100 TC oneloc
Shock: Rock Shox Monarch RT3

So, let’s start with the SID… with the Shockwiz attached it reads 8.25bar, which on my opinion was still a little too stiff… I would drop it a little… but…

Going through the ShockWiz calibration and following the manufacturer’s recommendations for <200lbs we eventually end up with

Compression Ratio: 1.9
Baseline Air Pressure: 9.12bar

the shock travel was 1% but I moved the bike before taking the screenshot…

So let’s see where this takes us…

Monday 7 August 2017

so using the above settings, I set off on the Tour de office part1 and got the following results:

And for the record the rebound settings are what I set them up to be several months ago… (not bad going) – rebound setting is 7 clicks to slow and 13 clicks to fast.

Which is pretty much as good as it gets… I guess… seeing as the SID RL does not have a separate compression setting… HOWEVER on this setting I used only 65%, maybe 70% of the travel… and I did take some 1 and 2 foot drop-offs…

So just for kicks before the way home, I let out some pressure to 8.25bar…

The latter settings look a little weird… it suggests to lower air pressure, and the sag is only 3%… Hmmm, it is clear that with letting out air the dynamic sag can’t be 3%.. it should be more than the 18%.. That tells me that if you want to change the base air pressure, you have to go through the recalibration procedure… I’ll do the same rout on Friday with a NEW calibration… and see what the numbers say

OK, try 2… Friday 18 Aug

The shock at 9.3 bar feels a little harsh, or maybe a better description would be not as plush as I would like.. and Static Sag at 18%.. with travel up to 65%-70%… so I’m redoing the ShockWiz calibration and got the following numbers

Compression Ratio: 2.0
Baseline Air Pressure: 8.2bar