Stephan’s Wishlist:

Adendorff_roller_chair Roller chair (GCREEP / 002) from R255

compare-smartwatches-2015-late-150 Smartwatch  (review) – think I prefer the Samsung Gear S2 (silver – NOT the Classic!). It doesn’t seem like the Huawei is available in ZA yet.. (comparison of Huawei and Moto360 2)

2016 Bottelary Hills MTB trail permit (2015 permit#: 0007)

2016 Wanna Bees MTB trail permit (2015 membership#: 1259)

bikehandchainscrubber Bike Hand Chain Scrubber from Takealot :  R195

chromecast2 Google Chromecast 2nd generation, from Takealot : R699