Airgun silencer part 6

continues from part 5

here we go:


So today I got to test the assembly… I tested on my Air Arms S410 TDR .177, using the JSB Match Diabolo Exact 4.52 mm / 0.547g / 8,44gr. From the previous sections you will recall that the sensors are spaced 17 notches (of 7mm each) apart => thus 119mm


We see the time between the pules is measured at 516us – remember that the scope has a finite resolution (around 4us at this time base). But ignoring that, we can calculate the speed as 119mm/516us or more readable as 230.6 m/s or 756.6 fps. I repeated this with 3 shots, each measuring 516us between the pulses.

In terms of energy, that works out to 11.4 ft.lbf or 15.4 Joules.

Just for interest sake I took snapshots of the 1st and 2nd pulses too… both measuring 22.40 us



Ultimately this is what I’m aiming it to be…

Swiping the screen will show the complete string for :

pellet description
Shot#     FPS       Spread         FT.LBF
1             756           0.0               11.3
2             755          -1.0               11.3
3             758         +2.0               11.3
4             756           0.0               11.3

Additionally under the App name the pellet information is shown – if no pellet is selected it will state “No pellet selected – click here”

The menu will be able to:
– edit the pellet database (caliber (.177 / .20 / .22), description, weight (gr)
– delete current string (are you sure?)
– share current string (email ?)
– edit sensor distance (in X.XX mm) – this edits the sensor distance for the specific silencer and saves it on the specific micro

Here is a screenshot from my Android phone done on a FX Streamline 5.5mm using JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo 15.89gr pellets – 3 shots on high power, 3 shots on medium power and 3 shots on low power (velocity is in fps).