Airgun silencer part 4

continues from part 3

in doing some research on silencers for my chrony build, I came across a couple of interesting designs… here is a nice write up on the issue of monolithic core vs stacked baffles

Here’s one I like.. a lot… (but a slight overkill for a PCP air rifle…)

OSS-5 OSS-6 OSS-10 OSS-1 OSS-3 OSS-Suppressor-Cutaway


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silencer GR3EjrPQ61A

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image monolithic silencer images silencerSuppressor4_10_09008SMALL silencer22-250-Carbon-Fibre-Over-Barrel-Suppressor-after-250-shots-02-1024x641 silencer Core silencer image of monocock silencer monostack1 silencer img3223lp4_zpsa2e2f0f5 silencer reflex-can silencer Gemtech GMT-300 silencer silencers Xrayed whisky and silencers1378265625272silencer

Screenshot 2016-02-17 23.17.34

above : .22 silencer from Miniatis Gunsmiths :

more pics added…






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