We came across this Freelander on our cycle today (Sunday 21 Aug 2022), plates removed and VIN difficult to read… Stolen? ..maybe ..most probably…!

pin drop on Google maps is : https://goo.gl/maps/LNGiU2qaDaeQCqmi8

or if you need coordinates:
51°14’06.7″N 0°24’41.1″W (in DMS format)
51.235199, -0.411404 (in DD format)

Barcode on the front windshield (bottom / driver’s side)

Googling the makeup of a Freelander VIN, my best read is: *ALLNAB**5A46**4*
with a bit of image manipulation and, inversion, grading etc.. my best guess for the VIN is: SALLNAB*15A462340

Hope this helps…